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MCN contributions to Consoil 2010 PDF Print E-mail

MCN delegates at Consoil. From left Ulf Wiklund Tyréns, Magnus Bergknut and Staffan Lundstedt Umeå University, Maria Mäkitalo and Patrik von Heijne, Luleå University of Technology, Mats Tysklind and Thomas Liljedahl Umeå University. Delegate not in picture Jonny Bergman, RGS/90.

Participants from  MCN enjoyed a large number of  presentations and new and updated professional contacts.  Seven oral presentations MCN were contributing to the recent Consoil meting in Salzburg as listed as follows:


ThS A8 Sampling methodologies

• Adaptive sampling strategies to improve site assessment

von Heijne, Maurice, Öhlander (Luleå University of Technology, SE

SpS 6 Enhancing the output efficiency of research projects; examples and opportunities

MCN - Northern Sweden Soil Remediation Center. Thomas Liljedahl, Magnus Bergknut. (Umeå University, SE)

ThS C7 Risk assessment

• Polar polycyclic aromatic compounds at contaminated sites: occurence, toxicity and mobility

Lundstedt (Umeå University, SE)

• Dioxin contaminated soils and sediments – secondary sources of concern

Tysklind, Sundqvist, Bergknut, Wiberg (Umeå University, SE)

ThS A17 Heavy metals (1)

• By-products in the remediation of mining waste

Maurice, Makitalo, Pérez, Öhlander (Luleå University of Technology, SE)

ThS A20 In situ biological treatment

• Lessons from a stimulated anaerobic dechlorination experiment in Sweden

Wiklund (Tyréns AB, SE) 

 ThS A16 (Enhanced) Natural Attenuation (3)

• Progress of a stimulated anaerobic dechlorination treatment in Halmstad, SW Sweden

Wiklund (Tyréns AB, SE) Davidsson (WSP Environmental, SE), Bergman (MB Enviroteknik AB,

SE), Leonard (Regenesis (UK) Ltd, UK) Grip (Stockholm, SE)