New project in FP7 -ENV awarded to MCN and LTU Print

A project proposal named "Gentle remediation of trace element contaminated land (GREENLAND)" was submitted to the FP 7 call 2010: Biotechnology for the environment - Soil and water treatment and bioremediation. The project coordinator is University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria, and LTU is among 18 partners in 10 European countries. The project was selected for negotiation with EU and will start January 2011. The total budget of the project for 4 years is 4 mln Euro. LTU’s share in the project is 200 kEuro. Luleå Univerity of Technology, Jurate Kumpiene at department of Waste Science and Technology will take a role as a leader of a Work Package on "Harmonisation of methods to assess the bioavailability of trace elements and development of tool set to monitor the sustainability of gentle remediation options.
Jurate Kumpiene. Associate Professor at LTU.