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Landscape Regulation Of Contaminant Mobility PDF Print E-mail

The impact of the spring flood (now and in future scenarios) is important because of the accumulation of several contaminants through long-range transport (i.e. diffuse pollution) and subsequent atmospheric depositions in snow. There is an urgent need to quantify the importance diffuse pollution and the relative contribution to the environment, in order to gain optimal effect of different remedial activities.
By understanding the relationship between landscape characteristics (e.g. pH, flux and quality of DOC, spring flood and other hydrological events) and the export of pollutants, the contribu- tion of pollutants from diffuse pollution to the environment (e.g. surface water, Baltic Sea) may be assessed in relation to point sources.

The project is based around Krycklan, a catchment area west of Umeå, which is well characerized with regard to wetland, forest and agricultural land, divided into different soil types such as peat, silt, sand, sediment and moraine. Time series of other important factors such as basic hydrology, rain and snowfall, springflood, pH and DOC are also available. This project is a continuation of the project PERSPEC ( http://project.chem.umu.se/perspec/), Perspectives on mobilisation of prioritised contaminants in soil, which was part of the SNOWMAN (http://www.snowman-era.net) initiative.
The results are  expected to be valuable to researchers, policy makers, and others dealing with
contaminated soil, sediments, ground and surface water.

Project leader: Magnus Bergknut
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: är +46 (0) 90786 5182
Participants: Magnus Bergknut, Mats Tysklind, Karin
Wiberg, Silviu Badea (Umeå University), Hjalmar Lau-
don, Anneli Ågren,(Swedish University of Agricultural
Sciences SLU), Sofia Frankki (WSP Environmental AB)

Project timeframe: Jan. 2009- June 2011
Budget: 100 000 €

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