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Statistical methods for assessment of soil samples PDF Print E-mail

Based on our experience, statistical methods are seldom used to optimize site investigations and quality assurance of the  usability of analytical results for contaminated soil samples is often deficient. One reason for this may be that the available Swedish guidelines within this field are incomplete and not practically suited for most contaminated sites.
This project will develop strategies to select appropriate statistical methods to assess brown fields based on the site characteristics and the questions to be answered, and  to select appropriate sampling and analyses methods to improve the results of the chosen statistical methods.

Results will be compared from different statistical evaluation methods under different conditions to determine when and to what the methods are appropriate. This is accomplished by, a literature research of statistical methods and tools, a  literature research of Swedish and foreign guidelines for assessment of contaminated soil, an examination of performed projects about contaminated soil comparing how the assessments have been carried out and to see if they could have been carried out in a better way. Finally new assessments of contaminated soil wil be undertaken to test achieved knowledge.
The project plan to deliver two scientific articles on evaluation of contaminated soil data with (geo-) statistical methods and under what conditions the methods are appropriate, a handbook about different evaluation methods and when to use them, and a licentiate thesis about (geo-) statistical evaluation of contaminated soil data.
The results aims to increase the understanding of the value of statistical evaluations and their usefulness, among those who purchase, perform or inspect assessments of contaminated soil.

Project leader: Patrik von Heijne, Luleå University of
Technology/Ramböll Sverige AB
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +46703201869.
Partners: Ulf Wiklund och Nina Nilsson Tyréns, Christian
Maurice, Luleå University of Technology/Ramböll Sverige AB

Project timeframe
Jan. 2009 - June 2011
Budget 220 000 €

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Presentation Nov 2009