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Exposure assessment of a PCDD/F contaminated site in Sweden- field measurement of exposure media and PDF Print E-mail
New Article: Authors: Annika Åberg, Mats Tysklind, Tohr Nilsson, Matthew Macleod, Annika Hanberg, Rolf Andersson, Sture Bergek, Richard Lindberg, Karin Wiberg. Journal: Environ Sci. Pollut Res (2010) 17:26-39 Dioxin and pop-contaminated sites series research article In this study a heavily PCDD/ contaminated CP saw-mill site in Sweden was investigated, to assess the exposure through a broad spectrum of pathways. Sampling and analysis of exposure media included soil, air, groundwater, raspberries, carrots, potatoes, grass, milk, eggs and chicken fodder. To calculate exposure for human adults blood serum from site-exposed and control individuals were analyzed. At this site the domination of the specific congener, 1234678-HpCDF, was striking. It could be traced from contaminated soil, through the exposure media and found in exposed humans. The study showed that the PCDD/F, were transferred despite their low mobility based on water solubility. In the future not only levels of combined PCDD/F contamination, but also the composition of congeners must be considered in risk assessment.